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  • I’m so grateful to finally find doctors willing to design a customized plan for my body. Now, I have partners working with me toward recovery from old injuries, strength to meet current demands, and preventative measures to ensure my long-range health goals. The docs provide consistent momentum (guidance and encouragement aren’t strong enough terms here) for each patient’s complete well-being. It’s pretty apparent that their pride is built in caring for others, not in their degrees. Want to go somewhere you can escape the cycle of being lectured to, viewed as a dollar-sign or worse, just prescribed another pill that might mask the pain, but never actually fixes the problem? Visit New Heights! Obviously, I’m a fan. Maybe I’ll see you there! – V

  • Dr Polizzi is great. I have been to a few Chiropractors in my life, but none who could work on my neck as he has. Thank you Dr Polizzi for all you have done to help me.

  • Drs. Polizzi and Bennett are highly qualified and caring professionals
    that offer comprehensive chiropractic care in a modern and beautiful
    office surrounding. Call them today.

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