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Get set.


Dr. Bennett’s grueling Marathon training schedule for the 2012 NYC Marathon has begun!  She is in for a fun and exciting summer filled with a countless number of lengthy runs.  The thing about training for a Marathon, however, is that it involves much more than just running.  Implementing a well-balanced diet coupled with regular stretching, strengthening, foam rolling, and adequate rest are essential to preparing your body for such an enormous challenge.  As Dr. Bennett progresses with her training, we will be keeping all of her loyal patients (and fans!) up to speed on what she is doing, providing some insight into what works best for her and giving you some tips to try on your own in the process!

In the beginning stages of training, Dr. B emphasizes getting her body conditioned for the upcoming tasks it is about to undertake.  Depending on whether you run on a regular basis or are a weekend warrior, you will want to take the necessary steps to prepare for an increased work load.  This starts with your gear.  Having the correct running shoes, clothing, and accessories such as water/fuel belts are a must.  Secondly, devising a training program that works well for you and incorporates cross training and rest days is necessary.  There are many great local coaches who can aid you in implementing a customized training plan so ask us for details! Lastly, in order to prevent injury during your six month training program, slowly increase your mileage and workout intensity.  Too much too soon is a recipe for injury so take it slow and stick to your training plan.

Oh, one additional note.  Don’t forget about that occasional chiropractic appointment at New Heights Chiropractic to address any functional imbalances or lower extremity issues you notice before or during your training! Therapies such as Active Release, Chiropractic Adjustments, and Kinesiotaping will help keep you feeling well throughout the entire summer! Now you have the groundwork and information you need in order to get started.  Check back soon for an update on Dr. Bennett and more tips on achieving your running goals this summer!

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