Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is a highly specific maneuver that is applied to joints in the body with restricted movement in order to restore their proper motion and normal function. Chiropractors determine these areas of restriction within the spine or extremities that are often the cause of pain during a thorough examination. Once an adjustment has been performed, the effects are often times immediate. Decreased pain, increased flexibility, normalized muscle tone, and improved functioning of the nervous system are just a few of the benefits of the chiropractic adjustment.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a very important component of chiropractic care. From passive modalities such as Therapeutic Ultrasound and Electric Muscle Stimulation to active stretching and exercise, Physical Therapy serves to enhance recovery and effectively maintain the results of your treatments.

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is an extension of physical therapy that aims to restore functional movement patterns commonly used in everyday activity. By incorporating strength, agility, and balance training, functional rehabilitation is designed to progress a patient from simple activities, such as walking or jogging, to highly complex activities that require great levels of coordination. Functional rehabilitation can also be utilized as a tool to determine when an individual can return to their desired activity, which is a decision that should be made based on repeated assessments of a patient’s progress and is crucial to a full and healthy return to participation.

Nutritional Counseling/Supplementation

Proper diet and nutrition are not only key components to living a healthy lifestyle, but they are also very important in recovering from any illness or injury. New Heights Chiropractic offers the highest quality nutritional supplements available on the market today that are only available to healthcare providers and are developed based on the most recent research. Dependent on a patient’s complaint, the doctors at New Heights can discuss nutritional recommendations that can help accelerate the healing process or prevent future issues if applicable.

Activator Treatment

An Activator Treatment is an instrument-assisted version of a chiropractic adjustment that involves the use of a small Activator Adjusting Tool to provide a gentle stimulus to a joint. This method is often utilized with particular patient populations, such as young children and the elderly, as well as with specific conditions, such as TMJ dysfunction or arthritis.

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