Great Office. Have been going to Chiropractors most of my life due to back issues and these guys have been my favorite. Like to get to know you personally. They don’t just adjust you and send you on your way. Dr. Dan spends time really working on the muscles where an adjustment will take place in order to correct the alignment much more efficiently than just an adjustment.

Mark G.

I highly recommend this practice!!! Very professional. I want the most out of my workouts, so by going every 1.5 months, I can have proper form and maximize my time at the gym. Very reasonable office visit fees and a small price to pay for your overall health! Women, in general, have very tight shoulders and hips, this will help you! I do not have any major issues but their methods are so effective and you should absolutely make an appointment!

Stephanie W.

I highly recommend Dr. Kayla Bennett. I’m a relatively young person (mid 30’s) and had been having serious upper back pain for years due to having an office job and sitting too much. It was so bad I couldn’t do things I really enjoyed doing (like snowboarding, working out, etc.)

I thought I was going to need extensive chiropractic work in addition to massage therapy. Dr. Kayla educated me on causes and a treatment plan and after a month of treatment and being consistent with the exercises she recommended I’m a completely new person. I’m a very active person and it’s a huge relief to be able to do the type of activities I love without the pain holding me back. In addition I was never once pressured into signing any type of contracts or agreeing to a long-term treatment plans like other chiropractors. In fact it was quite the opposite as she was confident I could get better quickly.

Nate S

I was hesitant to try a chiropractor for my neck and lower back issues, but I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Dr. Dan listened carefully to my concerns and symptoms, and walked me through his treatment plan. I have marked improvement since my first visit, and since! I highly recommend him. The staff are all wonderfully friendly, and everyone remembers me from visit to visit (which is really important to me).

Clare D.

Dr. Kayla at New Heights Chiropractic is phenomenal! I’ve been seeing her for about two years now (maybe longer) and she has been a lifesaver. She explains everything that she is working on and why. I went from weekly and sometimes twice weekly visits to just maintenance adjustments or as-needed because she was able to get my back and neck back into shape and alignment. The staff is so friendly and I look forward to each visit. Thank you New Heights for changing my life!

Sunny T.

Dr. Dan is great! He knows his stuff, takes time with care, and is usually running on time. I have seen him for low back pain with great relief and completely trust his recommendations and treatment plans. office is always clean and friendly too!

Lindsay B.

Dr. Kayla is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a chiropractor that truly cares and takes the time to fully understand your concerns/pain. She is fantastic with chiropractic care during pregnancy, too!

Darla Z.

Dr. Bennett is wonderful! She helped keep me comfortable throughout my pregnancy and I have continued to see her since. She is very kind and professional. I would recommend her to everyone!

Laura S.

This is the first time I’ve been to a chiropractor and feel like I am not getting ripped off. They aren’t like most chiropractors where they just adjust you and then say, “alright, see you at your next appointment.” They actually want you to he better so you can continue living life without the hassle of pain. The receptionist is so happy and so helpful, as she was since the first time I called to set up the appointment. It’s awesome they are open on Sundays. My shoulder has gotten much stronger since I started coming here, I would recommend them to anyone in the south Denver area.

Skyler H.

I’d give more stars if I could. Dr.Kayla and her office staff were simply fantastic!! Kind, empathetic, and thoroughly a wonderful experience. Dr. Kayla’s initial assessment was thorough and identified problems I was not aware of – but it explained some of the symptoms I was experiencing.

I’d highly recommend you give this office a try. They’re not the type that will ask you to come in 3x a week indefinitely. Their goal is to treat you and get you back to life.

I’m SO happy I followed the other Yelp reviews and gave them a chance.

Anne W.

Dr. Polizzi offers a variety of specialized skills to treat everyone from workaholics to athletes. Since having shoulder surgery, his techniques have dramatically increased my range of motion while decreasing my level of stiffness and pain. I made the mistake of “waiting” (for my body to heal itself). Unfortunately, the pain became worse and I was forced to seek treatment. In hindsight, I recommend letting the professionals at New Heights Chiropractic and Rehabilitation handle your aches and pains as soon as possible to prevent any further issues.

Jordan N.

I saw Dr. Bennett following a car accident. She used Active Release Technique (ART) to help me recover much faster than I expected. I was so impressed by her work ethic that she was the first person I called (even before my primary care physician) the next time I got in a car accident. She’s incredible! I don’t know where my back and neck would be without her! Thanks for all your help 🙂

Brittany G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kayla Bennett since 2010.  I am a runner and a Mom and needless to say life is busy and stressful.  I suffer from chronic headaches related to life stress.  I used to suffer from 2-3 headaches per week but since I have been seeing Dr. Bennett and receiving regular adjustments I am now virtually headache free.  In the beginning, I came in for an adjustment once per week but now I only see her once every 4-6 weeks for an adjustment and I feel great.  In addition, as I mentioned previously, I am a runner and have experienced minor running related issues with my knees.  Dr. Bennett’s continued support during my training helped me cope with these issues effectively and I successfully ran the Chicago Marathon in October 2011.  She is a great Chiropractor but she also is compassionate, kind and you feel like she is always direct and honest.  If you are looking for an honest to goodness great Chiropractor, Dr. Bennett is a good choice.

Michelle J.

I’m so grateful to finally find doctors willing to design a customized plan for my body. Now, I have partners working with me toward recovery from old injuries, strength to meet current demands, and preventative measures to ensure my long-range health goals. The docs provide consistent momentum (guidance and encouragement aren’t strong enough terms here) for each patient’s complete well-being. It’s pretty apparent that their pride is built in caring for others, not in their degrees. Want to go somewhere you can escape the cycle of being lectured to, viewed as a dollar-sign or worse, just prescribed another pill that masks the pain, but never actually fixes the problem? Visit New Heights! Obviously, I’m a fan. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Vanessa M.

I’m a rock climber and I often have to look up for long periods of time when I belay my climbing partner. This has lead to the dreaded “belayer neck” pains I had been experiencing for a while. I almost left climbing. But I took a chance with Dr. Dan Polizzi at New Heights, and that turned out to be a great decision. He used active release with chiropractic adjustments in order to reestablish the mobility in my neck. After I regained mobility, he gave me exercises to strengthen my neck flexors, which seem to be helping for now, since my neck feels much better and I’m still belaying. What was really great was his use of an ipad to show me in 3D the anatomy of my neck that was causing my pain. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a 3D picture is worth, well, at least 2000. A great strategy to help me understand what was happening to my neck. I highly recommend going to him if you’re considering any chiropractic treatments.

Nick P.